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Tarot Readings

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Whether you need something simple for your time and budget like an image reading, prefer a video reading via unlisted YouTube link for a more personal experience, or would like to interact with me live for your reading via Zoom, there is something for everyone when it comes to receiving spiritual guidance and a little bit on inspiration along the way.


About the Readings

....... and how they work

Summer of 2020, in a crazy time of an upside-down world, thanks to Covid-19, I started a new journey in providing tarot and oracle card readings for those who are interested. Prior to doing tarot readings I was a dog walker in the city of Angels. I never set out to get into the metaphysical field professionally, despite always being intuitive, but when it’s your calling, it finds you. In 2019, before the pandemic happened I had reconnected with my twin flame, whom we had been separated 20 years previously to this 2019 reunion. I’ve known him since I was 14. From 2019 onwards, I was definitely put in a whirlwind in terms of spiritual growth and development thanks to his return in my life, that and of course add as a sprinkle on top everything else I had been experiencing alongside the rest of the world with the collective chaos happening in the world. After all - tarot readers, reiki masters, spiritual practitioners, astrologers, etc are still human and are certainly not immune to collective energy and astrological transits. June of 2020 I began uploading tarot and oracle card readings for the collective on my YouTube channel, which eventually spread to both Instagram and TikTok as well. By the end of 2020, I started accepting private clients to assist them on their journey too.


When I began doing readings my focus was primarily in love and relationship situations. Which was understandable because that was the energy I was in at that time myself in trying to navigate my own twin flame journey. Like attracts like. While I still do love readings for those seeking guidance and I have much understanding and empathy for those struggling through a twin flame dynamic, at the end of 2022 I really began to branch out beyond primarily love readings. In 2023 I have found myself much more fascinated with career and life path readings or even in a sense just helping people get through day to day life in the very broken world we live in right now because sometimes it’s not about what he’s thinking, feeling, or wanting. Sometimes it’s about can I cover my bills next month? Should I continue to work at this job that I hate just for the security of a paycheck or should I take the leap of the faith and pursue my entrepreneurial dreams that I’m truly passionate about? Are my kids going to be ok? Etc. 

September of 2021 I created and released my first oracle deck - Written in the Stars. Written in the Stars is messages in life and love with a pop culture twist, which was very inspired from my days living in LA and my past history in the entertainment industry. I’m grateful for my time in the music business because I feel that creativity flow through into the spiritual work I do, such as when creating oracle decks. March of 2022 I began doing readings at Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa in Crystal Lake IL for in person clients, which I truly enjoyed. In addition to being a reader at Enlightened Balance I also run their social media. It’s been a completely different experience than when I do readings online. I love doing both in person and online readings. They both have positives about them in very different ways. 

Above are the listing of readings currently being offered (you can also find them on the shop page). Click on the reading to read the entire description to know what type of reading it is, what it entails, its cost, and return time. Below are live Zoom readings where you can meet with me live online for a reading (you can also find these in the Book Online section). 

Store Policy:

No refunds or exchanges.

To prevent chargebacks on any purchase made on please note that your purchases will appear as the following on your credit card or bank statement: ShadowNShineblog.wixsi San Francisco CA

By making a purchase on this website you agree and approve 100% to your transaction.

Reminder: Any major life decisions (legal, medical, etc) should be consulted by a professional. Please use your intuition and judgment concerning all readings.

I don’t consider myself a medium, however I thought I would share a very early spiritual experience of mine, which has always been confirmation for me that there is so much more to this world beyond what we see and experience on the surface. If you read my About Me section you would’ve noticed my mention of my dad passing from cancer when I was 13 years old. The night that he died I was staying with my family friends for the night while my mom stayed back at the hospital since things were not looking good. That night I dreamt of being back in the hospital waiting room, waiting to find out what was happening with him. Next thing I know, my dad walks into the waiting room dressed in his normal every day clothes. He looks good, healthy, whole, and happy! He proceeds to give me a huge bear hug and tells me he’s ok, that he loves me, and that he’s going home. When I woke up I looked at the clock and it was 1AM. My dad died at 1AM that night. I know that I know, that I know, without a shadow of a doubt in my mind he said goodbye to me that night in that dream. That dream is all the proof I need to know that we are much more connected on a spiritual level than we realize. I cannot tell you how much comfort that dream has brought me over the years and how it probably rescued a young impressionable 13 year old girl from completely spiraling out of the control from the feelings of grief and loss. Since then, my dreams have been super intuitive and connective to others, so I don’t take them lightly (unless I know I ate something super weird the night before haha). I would advise to anyone seeking to tap into their intuitive side, start with your dreams. You never know what they might be trying to tell you.



"Heather is a talented and well spoken psychic. Her kind and friendly demeanor allows her to build instant connections with customers. Her strong psychic and clairvoyant abilities allow her to share valuable insights about the past, present, and future."

Jenna - Illinois

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