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Heat it up all summer long with Spicy Summer! 😎🏖️☀️ Whether you’re on a summer road trip or lounging at the pool or beach, this is a sizzling oracle deck to bring out for those fun in the sun energy checks. 🌴 This deck screams go big or go home, literally. This is a special edition, giant sized deck (check the size comparison as you swipe through the pics). So no need for contacts or glasses while using this deck! Because of it's massive size it's recommended to shuffle with the cards vertically as opposed to horizontally, because chances are you won't be able to wrap your fingers around the deck holding it in the horizontal position. This 60 card oracle deck comes in a smooth finish. It arrives in plastic wrapping with no box or bag due to it's size. My personal recommendation is using a bag from a large crystal purchase if possible for storage, as that's what I use with my copy, but definitely getting creative for storage with this deck will be key to keep it in good condition. As to the price point - the size of the deck alone is the reason this is the highest priced oracle deck on my website. This one costs the most to make of all the decks I offer at this time. But for summer lovers it is a worthwhile addition to anyone's collection. 🩴 Allow your intuition to guide you in understanding what the messages mean for you. Whether you are doing readings for yourself, friends, or clients those who receive readings from this deck will keep it cool all summer long with Spicy Summer â›±ï¸

Spicy Summer

  • Arrival time is estimated 2-3 weeks. Orders are entered to the supplier within 72 hours of purchase. I do not personally have the decks in my possession. They are created on demand by an outside company. From there the deck is processed, created, and shipped to you by the third party company.

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