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This product is for those who have already purchased a personal reading.


Sometimes in the aftermath of recieving a personal reading we are left with more questions than answers and need better understanding of the message that was delivered. In the event you order a reading from me and need further insight on the message delivered, that's what this offering is for. This is applicable for all readings offered on this website, with the exception of the Express Same Day Reading. The intention of this offering is to provide any additional guidance or commentary that was not clear in the initial reading. I find sometimes clients want to continue the discussion of their situation beyond the reading. I'm not opposed to helping with that as I feel it's important for clients to feel encouraged and supported. However, I can not do this at my own detriment draining my time or energy. Therefore the decision to make this a paid service. I will respond to your clairifcation needs in an unlisted YouTube video that is 15 minutes in length or under within 72 hours of purchase.


What this service is not:

1. This is NOT an additional reading. I will not be pulling cards, channelling, using a pendulum, etc for this service. This is strictly a coaching/consultation service regarding a reading that has already taken place. If you have additional questions with the intention of getting a reading you must place a brand new order with one of the reading products offered.


2. While I am here for open discussion in this offering please remember this is not a substitute for therapy. If you need further clairifcation beyond a 15 minute video a Zoom coaching session may be more appropriate or you will have to purchase a second Follow Up Discussion order.

Follow Up Discussion

  • No refunds or exchanges.

    To prevent chargebacks on any purchase made on please note that your purchases will appear as the following on your credit card or bank statement: ShadowNShineblog.wixsi San Francisco CA

    By making a purchase on this website you agree and approve 100% to your transaction.

    Reminder: Any major life decisions (legal, medical, etc) should be consulted by a professional. Please use your intuition and judgment concerning all readings.

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