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Love Story ❤️ follows the journey of a couple through a deck of oracle cards as you experience their highs and lows right along with them. Relationships go through many stages, can be complicated, confusing, painful, but also blissful, beautiful, euphoric, and inspirational. 💖 As you pull cards from their story you will see the signs, synchronicities, and commonalities reflected in your own personal love story. You will find themes of karmic patterns, soul mate connections, and twin flame energy within this deck. ❤️‍🔥 Whether you're trying to understand where you're currently at in regards to love, or where you're on track to, this deck will tap into all romantic intended vibes. 🩷 This traditional tarot size 78 card deck does not come with a guidebook. It comes in a standard linen finish for easy shuffling and in a sturdy tin box to store it in for safe keeping and in good condition. Allow your intuition to guide you in understanding what the messages mean for you. Whether you are doing readings for yourself, friends, or clients those who receive readings from this deck will fall in love with your very own love story. 

Love Story

  • Arrival time is estimated 2-3 weeks. Orders are entered to the supplier within 72 hours of purchase. I do not personally have the decks in my possession. They are created on demand by an outside company. From there the deck is processed, created, and shipped to you by the third party company.

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