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Seeking some spiritual truths and on a budget? Or perhaps need just a quick check-in? This is perfect someone interested in a simple reading. Maybe you're just dipping your toes into spirituality. This is a helpful and safe space to do just that. In this reading you will recieve images of the cards that were drawn for you with a brief explanation of what the cards mean for you and your situation. This is a general message intended for those open to recieve the messages that come through. Topics that could be touched upon could be love, career, family, life purpose, etc. If there is a specific question or topic you would like addressed, please specify in the personalization box. Return time is 48 hours from time of purchase.

Image General Reading

  • No refunds or exchanges.

    To prevent chargebacks on any purchase made on please note that your purchases will appear as the following on your credit card or bank statement: ShadowNShineblog.wixsi San Francisco CA 

    By making a purchase on this website you agree and approve 100% to your transaction.

    Reminder: Any major life decisions (legal, medical, etc) should be consulted by a professional. Please use your intuition and judgment concerning all readings.

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