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This is a 45 minute long reading returned to you within five days after your payment has been submitted. I will send you an unlisted YouTube link exclusively for you with your reading that you can watch as many times as you wish. A 45 minute reading is enough time to cover seven questions, so if you have seven or less questions you may submit them in the personalization box. If you have no questions and are simply open to recieve or time is left over after the questions you do submit I will pull cards with the intent of whatever it is you need to know the most at this time. Topics that could be touched upon could be love, career, family, life purpose, etc.

45 Minute Reading

  • No refunds or exchanges.

    To prevent chargebacks on any purchase made on please note that your purchases will appear as the following on your credit card or bank statement: ShadowNShineblog.wixsi San Francisco CA

    By making a purchase on this website you agree and approve 100% to your transaction.

    Reminder: Any major life decisions (legal, medical, etc) should be consulted by a professional. Please use your intuition and judgment concerning all readings.

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